About the Band

The Villanova Band is the oldest and largest student musical organization on campus. We perform for various university functions throughout the year. We are most visible as a Pep Band at Villanova basketball games; however, we do a lot more. The Villanova Band operates as the University’s Pep Band, Scramble Band, and Concert Band all in one. We have a GREAT time during the year, probably better than any other organization on campus. It is an exciting and rewarding experience that continues even after you graduate.

Concert Band

Concert BandEmphasizing the musical nature of the band, the concert band plays a wide range of music from all time periods. These include pieces from the Classical and Romantic eras, various marches, and modern wind ensemble pieces. We play for various university functions such as chair dedications, Candidates Day, the Naval ROTC commissioning, and commencement. We have a Parent’s Weekend concert and an annual spring concert. We also take a fall tour every year during our fall break (yes we are one of the only schools to get one, so we take advantage of that) where we perform at various places across the country promoting Villanova University.

Pep Band

The band is most visible when playing at basketball games. We play a wide variety of pep band music ranging from pop to dixieland. Traditionally, Villanova Band members have been among the most avid basketball fans at school. We provide entertainment and are an integral part of the rich tradition of Villanova basketball. We attend all home basketball games, and, thanks to the revival of the Big Five, some away games as well. We go to the Big East Tournament held in Madison Square Garden in New York every year, and, if we’re lucky enough, the illustrious NCAA Tournament. Trips to these tournaments are free of charge for band members.

Scramble Band

During the football games, the band acts as the pep band in the stands. At half-time, the band puts on a field show. The Villanova Band is anything but a traditional marching band. While a true scramble band in name only, the Villanova Band is indeed like a true scramble band in that it does scramble. However, unlike true scramble bands (see below), sensitivity, in particular, administrative sensitivity prohibits show topics from being explored to their fullest.


For more information on scramble bands, take a look at the “Scramble Band” Wikipedia article.